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A Fairy Tale Life

I saw a commercial this week about the DVD release of Snow White and the Huntsmen. Even without Charlize Theron knocking out a top notch evil witch, I think this move was destined to enthrall me. It speaks to my literature side. Fairy tales always captured me more so than the average story. They grip me deep inside and tug at my creative wheels. Even more so, I enjoy anything that takes the typical fairy tale and twists it to something more adult.

Snow White and the HuntsmanLet’s face it. Grimm’s tales were not very “child-appropriate.” In fact, I laugh when I think of them as being children’s stories. But, we, after all, have a sick way of entertaining children. For instance, have you ever really listened to the words of rock-a-bye baby on the treetop? If not, you really should…and then remember we tend to sing it to children…in that sickening sweet tone…but then again my mind did come up with The Lord of Nightmares, so it could be just me. But I digress. The point is the mixture of childhood fairy tale and the sting of reality is a combination that rarely fails with me. Movies like Ever Afterand Red Riding Hood steal my attention from the mention of the plot. Even the TV show Once Upon a Time has clutched onto my attention.

What is it about fairy tales? For me, I think part of it relates to the reason I became and English major in the first place. I love the story. I love the plot. And I absolutely love to make connections. One of the exercises we would do in British literature was to connect allusions in pieces to other works…typically the Bible. Knowing the story and seeing the twist brings a smile to my face. But, I think it goes to a deeper level. While I would never…ever…go back to my teenage years, I would love to go back to my elementary years. Things were so innocent. Worries were so minor in comparison to now. Life was just simpler. The stories held innocence as well. But, I am now grown. Life is more complicated and the world is a little darker. The idea of bringing that innocence out of drawings and into physical existence completes the evolution. It takes me back to those feelings upon first hearing the stories and it connects it to the person I am today. Besides, who could deny the appeal of a little magic in the real world? But, hey, if that sort of thing didn’t speak to me then I am writing in the wrong genre.