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A Creative Edge in Beads?

I didn’t tell most of my friends I wrote until my first book came out. But, once it was out, so was the secret. I write. Which meant for birthday’s, Christmas, or any celebratory event, my gifts quickly turned into writing-related objects: pens, fancy notebooks, etc. I actually do love these cliché gifts for writers. I always need more paper to scribble ideas onto. But, the one I found the most interesting was the “creative” beads. It was a few years ago when the whole Zen movement was big; different beads for different purposes. What’s even funnier is that I received the “creative” beads twice over the course of a few years. I never wore them, but hung them on a stand next to my computer…in an office I have now found I barely write in.

But, when I once found myself in a horrible writer’s block that lasted for weeks, I took one of the beads and rubbed it in my hand. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t sit in the middle of the room and mediate or anything. I just sat back in my chair and held the beads. I would love to say they fixed my writer’s block. As I recall, I did start writing, but most of what I wrote got thrown out later. However, it DID get the wheels turning. Was it the beads? Or the power of suggestion?

It caused me to wonder. Is there something to be said for having a muse, so to speak. If I wore the beads on a daily basis, would I find myself more creative? I once read an article where writers told about the most inspirational object in their writing room. Most were letters from authors who inspired them, or an obeject that recalled a childhood memory. I think I never had an object becuase my “writing room” always changes. I have a laptop. I am mobile. In fact, if I write too often in the same space, I will feel stale in my writing. I need the change. But, I have never been accused of being normal.

Where does your creative energy come from? Is there something that inspires you? Maybe I should try to find mine…or seek the power of the Creative Beads–or just laugh at the thought.